Your personalized timetable, quickly and beautifully.

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Amazing Features

The features you need to navigate a busy day

Clean Design

The information you need at all times. Shown beautifully.

Personalized Timetable

Using subscriptions you can tailor your own timetable, with the courses you care about.

Color Coded

Quickly identify whats next on the timetable. Green means completed. Red means in progress. Simple. Effective.

Quickly Search for Rooms

Using the search functionality you can quickly check if rooms are available, or what other classes are doing.

Homescreen Widget

(Android only) Perhaps opening the app is too much work? Well use the homescreen widget!

Lockscreen Widget

(Android only) And when even unlocking the phone is too much work; just put the timetable on your lockscreen!

Students need this

Using Timetable Reader will help you navigate classes and courses through a busy day.

  • No need for extensive setup, just use your class code!
  • Support for over 45 different institutions! Check if yours is supported here.
  • Missing features? Send me an email!


Design and usability above all

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